Nicaragua is still a country in transition and, unfortunately, also one of the poorest in Central America. The country itself is beautifully situated between Honduras in the north and Costa Rica in the south. The average life expectancy is about 71 years. With a population of about 6 million+, the infant mortality rate is unfortunately still high. The adult literacy rate is about 70%. Only 30% of the population have access to a clean water supply and 48% of the population are lacking reasonable health care and basic sanitation.

The citizens in Nicaragua have had much to cope with over the years and still does. The history of the country is vast and colorful. Between political issues and natural disasters the population have struggled for bare survival which is still the situation for approximately 70% of the population. The average annual income is between US$450.00 and US$2000.00 which is actually an improvement over the last few decades.

As mentioned, our first humanitarian journey to Nicaragua was in 1996 and after Hurricane Mitch’s rampage in 1998 it became even clearer to us that we were there for the long-haul and so it has been ever since….

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