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…almost anything that can be shipped or brought to Nicaragua. Since our focus is primarily on the Educational Sector and Senior Care facilities, these areas receive our greatest attention. General Assistance i.e. equipment and building materials are also a priority. Anything that will serve to enable the recipients to become self sufficient is a top priority.  Nothing have or will ever go to waste...

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Due to ongoing shipping challenges we are, at this time, limiting the amount of items that we can accept. Of items that we can receive is: Wheelchairs, Walkers and Canes – School Supplies: Pencils, Erasers, Rulers, Water Colors, Solar Powered Calculators, Dictionaries (Spanish or English), Atlases, Laptop or Notebook Computers. Hygiene items i.e. Adult Diapers, Non Battery operated Toys for Children, Ages 2 to 10, Sewing Machines, Fabric and Supplies, Bicycles, Hand Tools for all Trades, Culinary, Baking and Water Purification Equipment.

Funds can be directed by check to NICARAGUA-DIRECT at:
234 Forest Avenue, Itasca, Illinois 60143-2012, USA.

You may also use PayPal.  We absorb the processing expenses so that 100% of the amount will be applied towards our work in Nicaragua.  Either way, we are grateful for your support.  Thank You.

Managing prednisone side effects

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Monetary donations are extremely helpful to us in that we are purchasing more items from within Nicaragua because of the current transportation issues. Urgent items are, likewise, being purchased along with food and medical supplies while in Nicaragua. We never know what awaits us after having arrived.  Please look at the yearly summaries in this regard.

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Thank you.