The Objective…

…since the beginning in 1996 has not changed.  It is to provide assistance to Schools and Senior Care facilities primarily.  In addition, Hospitals, Health Clinics, Doctors and Dentists receive our support as does some families and individuals with urgent need.  Educational material for all academic levels is a high priority.  We have assisted with payments of interest on student loans for motivated students who otherwise would not be able to complete their educational goal. The need is vast and regardless of the degree of assistance provided there seem, unfortunately, to be no end in sight.

Nicaragua is a beautiful country with a little over 6 million people and, regrettably, also among the poorest in Central America.  What we here take for granted and don’t think much about is still a major and uphill struggle for 70+% of the populous in Nicaragua.

When we began the Humanitarian work in Nicaragua after a brief visit to teach Hospitality & Tourism related subjects in 1995/1996, the demographic data since has, unfortunately, not changed noticeably due to primarily internal factors.

2017 marked the 22th Humanitarian trip to Nicaragua.

The 23th Humanitarian Journey is scheduled for October 31st to November 11th, 2018.

From top left: Teachers and Students at Rafaela Herrera Schools in Las Esquinas. –Mr. Lopez who is blind after a recent accident was the recipient of roofing material for his house in Tipitapa, Managua. Here pictured with his children and sister in San Marcos – Food and other items delivered to the San Antonio Senior Care Facility in Masaya. – Supplies delivered to a Kindergarten in Dolores Carazo.
 More information about the 2017 trip and previous  journeys can be seen in the  NICARAGUA-ASSISTANCE  with additional photos in the Photo Gallery.

It Began…

…in 1995 when a colleague of mine came back from a trip to Nicaragua and while there had been in contact with the then University of Mobile’s campus in San Marcos, Carazo. The University was interested in educating English proficient students in subjects relating to to the Hospitality and Tourism Industries. Another colleague and I undertook this assignment during the following two summers.  It was so clear to see from the outset that whatever assistance we could come up with, it was desperately needed and perhaps, in so doing, we could make a difference.  We never realized the impact we have had. The total needs in Nicaragua are enormous. We will continue with this project indefinitely knowing that, at least, we are able to bring some optimism and hope into some people’s lives whether it is in form of a wheelchair, a walker, medical supplies, eyeglasses, food items, food service supplies, school supplies, library needs, toys or, at times, direct financial support.

This is a  One Hundred Percent Direct Effort.
NOAdministrative Expenses All costs are absorbed by the participants.